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So with the spring season just around the corner I've began reading all sorts of articles/old posts on fishing the spawn, I've damn near reached the end of the internet.  I have a few questions regarding some "key" words that get thrown around a lot when discussing the spawn.  The first is staging areas.  My understanding of a staging area is a steep drop off into deeper water that is near a spawning flat.  Other staging areas could be deeper points/structure near spawning flats.  I am correct in what I'm looking for?  What other areas/structure do you guys look for in staging areas?  Do you look for different keys elements when fishing for green as opposed to brown?  I'm trying to up my bass fishing IQ so I dont go out and do the same stuff as I usually do in the spring/summer/fall which ends up with similiar results year to year, which aren't very impressive. I guess I just need a more in depth explaination of what the pre-spawn and staging areas is all about. Pre-spawn and spawn fishing is something that I've never been real successful at, which sucks because that's the time to catch toads, and a true toad is something that's always been a ghost to me.

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Again, you are unsure of yourself. This was not a very confident answer. Have you ever thought about just completely giving up?
Craig, where are you? Craig...........
Cris and Buddy, why don't you guys post up some info on staging and bedding smallies and largies.  Anything that you guys can add to the discussion, or situations you've run across in the past that can help less experienced anglers

If you read Dons post, you will find all you need to know about the entire spawn. He was right on the button with his info, as always. There is no need to repeat info. I, myself learned some about the spawn on this thread. It was a great topic, Zach. Good post!


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