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After some time, I have finally summed up a theory that many in the Alpha crew have been working on.

I'd be interested to know what you guys think. Check it out.


I know what everyone says about fiberglass, but this article doesn't just pertain to glass cranking rods. I believe that a fast, semi-parabolic actions, will produce a higher landing percentage in many fishing scenarios.

Case and point. I built a custom bait-caster for BMP. He wanted the action of the TAC-Mag (Fluker), but in a bait-caster for open water smallies. So we came up with a 7'5" version of the Tac-Mag, but as a baitcaster. Super versatile rod that can be used for everything from underspins all the way to dropshots.

Almost every smallmouth he caught in the Cherokee Elite event was on that rod, and he didn't lose one. They were eating the underspin on the fall in 30-40 feet. I believe that rod applies the right amount of parabolic pressure, and lands more fish.

Anyways, something to chew on while we wait out the Cabin Fever caused by this crazy winter.

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Years back I started building my own rods and the only glass rod I built was a 7'6" medium action crankbait rod. Problem is I only built like 3 other rods and of course I massively preferred the ones I built so naturally when they weren't chewing the crankbait I would use that rod to fish small swimbaits or chatterbaits even spinnerbaits. What I found is that the glass rod was awesome for all those techniques. Since then I have built a few more glass rods in various lengths and actions to suit each technique mentioned. So yes I think you're spot on with this theory and great job building your brand it's pretty cool to see your whole team kicking ass.
Makes total sense. When river fishing for salmon we set the hook then put as little pressure needed to "lead" the fish upriver. Most of the time they swim upriver never knowing they are hooked. When the fish gets to you you horse the SOB up onto the bank. Very effective, yet ive never really applied that to bass.


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