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I received an email link from my bass club that the WDFG is asking for in put on suggested changes to the fishing regulations. Proposed rule change is to remove all restrictions to catch limits and size on bass, walleye and channel catfish. I don't know about you, but this doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I encourage you guys to weigh in with Olympia and see if they really are influenced by public in put. Those who have witnessed the carnage in the lower Yakima river and Columbia might have interesting stories to share with our fisheries managers.

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Ok, so I should read for content, just rivers and streams. Still sets a bad precedent, are lake Washington and lake sammamish considered part of this? If this is expanded to every body of water that supports anadromous fish...what's next?
This rule change could have some far reaching consequences. None of them good for us. The proposed rule change would mean no limits on bass and walleye on the San Poil river and Spokane river on Lake Roosevelt, no limits on the Pend O'reille river. What's next? Crab Creek on Potholes no limit? According to the change that would be true. There is going to be a phone conference in the next day or two please sign up and participate to protect our fisheries. Here is the link to sign up and pick a time.

Until a natural leader emerges from the ranks of fresh water fishermen who can unite all fishermen and women in this state. I feel the majority will sit on the sidelines and post many "expert" opinions on numerous web sites and (anti)social media outlet's. The money and manpower required to make a difference will not come from just a few bass tournament anglers. 


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