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Hey Guys, I am writing for NW Sportsman Magazine now and am working on an article about the Top 5 South Sound Bass Lakes, and would love to see where everyone ranks them and their opinion so I can begin forming the article using real, up-to-date information.

What are your Top 5 South Sound Bass Fisheries? 

(Tacoma Metro south to North Lewis county)

-If you can, explain why you chose them! 

Thank You!

-Nick Barr

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What's your top 5? I know Sparky would like to see Long Lake on the list.

FYI just stuck 22 smallies on beds at American yesterday. Have at it guys. If you find the one on the garbage can. It might be 5lbs just saying.
Well then we should definantly put American on the list
We should put Whitman on the list also, because that lake has to have more largie s per acre than any other lake.
What about Black lake?
Black is tough. ...I rate it stupid. Love hate relationship. Sure you can go and dropshot docks and catch 12" fish but only morons do that.

 Tapps, American, Ohop, Long (Thurston Co) Kapowsin

Looks like I'll be headed to American for fish and chips. Thanks for the tip!

I always used to fish those lakes, but honestly have not touched them since I moved to go to school at EWU!  

Long was always my favorite, but you guys are lucky they opened it up year-round now! Right before I left for school 4 years ago is when American Lake really started to catch on.

Honestly in High School the three lakes I fished most were Long, Stielacoom, and American with a dash of Hicks, Patterson, & Chambers. 

Saw a 10 plus caught from Patterson a few years ago. Some big fish there. Always liked Chambers and Hicks but have never done well there...if that makes sense. Just liked the lakes and layouts.

Would anyone like to submit some pictures? If so, feel free to at NickTBarr@Hotmail.com

1. Ohop - contains some giants! Personal top 5 biggest bass out of that lake
2. Alder - the lake may be spotty for fish, but once you find em, you find a lot of solid 3+
3. Clear - it's one of the three but all are good.
4. Kapowsin - funny the fish has the same number of fish per acre as tweeker per acre.
5. Spanaway - use to live on the lake, it truly grows giants. Never caught one of the 9 plus pounders but I have seen at least 5 different ones, plus one that belonged in Florida.


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