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was  thinking of fishing a lake ive never been on this weekend and cavanaugh looks to be the one. if anyone has some pointers as to what that lake is all about let me know. thinking its lgmouth and its gonna be like big lake

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Comment by Tag Watson on June 7, 2012 at 7:52pm

Hey Mike,

Cavanaugh and Big Lake are very different lakes. Cavanaugh is deep and extremely clear, up to 15 feet of visibility depending on the conditions. Cavanaugh is filled with rock, submerged timber and boat docks. Due to the elevation and clear, cold water, the largemouth will typically be over a month behind in their spawning cycle compared to other Western Washington lakes. It fishes nearly identical to a couple of the gin clear reservoirs I fished in San Diego almost a decade ago, minus the boat docks. A great challenge and some quality largemouth to be caught.

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