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Had the chance to get out on Washington this afternoon for fishing and test drive'n. After being in several boats, I actually prefered the Z21 over the Z520 or the 208. The Z21 was much roomier for my 6'6" frame. With only a 225, we were at 70mph in no time flat. I couldn't believe how quiet and smooth the ride was. I'll be getting a Z21 really soon! Thanks to Willie Nelson, Mel (State Team), Aaron and others for bringing the boats down. You sold me on the boat!
Oh yeah...fish'n. Sat on pleasure point for a while and got one smallie right at 13 inches. Wasn't even on the bottom. I was real'n up to cast and it hit the thing on the way up...I was real'n the drop shot so fast, I was surprised it chased it down.

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Comment by BARLOW on March 22, 2009 at 12:59pm
Ok Gent's, demo days was a great way to get into a Ranger Boat, take it for a ride on the water and get a feel on how it handles. A good quite E-Tec engine, a solid platform to fish from. I have a back problem and have been worried about possible re-injury but after riding in a Z20 I know that It rides like a Cadillac. I can't wait to get my Z20, what a great stylish design that the Z boats have and the reliability that comes behind the product. Contact your local Ranger Dealer for more info and make the right choice the first time RANGER BOATS!!!!
Comment by Jason Brown on March 1, 2009 at 6:56pm
Were you guys just up from pleasure point? I think I did see you...it was hard to see through my save phace as everything was a blur in that Ranger! :-) FASSSSSTTTTTTTTTT! Looking forward to fishing with you guys soon!

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