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  Today Banks lake made 40 degrees for the first time this year!  In the last few days, many rainbow have joined the fry pan club.  Barker flats surrendered 7 nice walleye to spinners/walkers and a few more to blade baits.  Two nice smallies, 2-3lb also had to try the blade, with a few missed hits, the number may have been higher.  No bass were harmed in the testing of that tactic!  Trout are still in the top 10 ft, the bass around 28ft, and the walleye from 30 to 55ft.  The lake is near full pool and recent water quality test by WDFW showed even temp and ph thruout the water column.  What does that mean, the fish are comfortable where ever they want to go, so where they are is where the food is.  Im sure there are other more complicated reasons why fish go where they go, but considering what we know, thats my best guess.  If you have any deeper insites, feel free to share.  Just a few Truths and Tails from Lou at Playland 

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Comment by Abbottola on March 22, 2014 at 12:23am
Thanks for the update Lou, look forward to seeing you this season
Comment by Marc Marcantonio on March 20, 2014 at 1:43pm

Thanks for the report, Lou!  Other than during the spawn, bass definitely go where the food goes as long as they can tolerate the conditions, and usually bass are more tolerant of a wide range of conditions than the prey they feed upon (other than crawfish and insects).

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