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  Well, Northwest Bass has come and gone.  Eighty seven boats competed, a good showing indeed!  The weather was a bit less than ideal, but most anglers had a good morning till the wind built up from the north turning the main lake into a challenge.  The wieghts were a bit lower than I predicted, but at 18.69 for first, 17.99 for second, and 17.90 for third, they came very close to 20.0 lbs!  I'm not sure if that north wind was a factor in fish activity, or if it just made presentations tougher, but those guys did a great job adapting none the less!  Way to go guys!!!  The next weeks weather is forecasted to be improving and warming.  There is no doubt in my mind that fishing for most species will improve as well.  As the water temp creeps into the mid 40's, walleye should make a strong push to spawn,  Crappie should make moves into close proximity to their spawning sites, the remaining trout that have not spawned probably will, and the bass should get even more aggressive!  Signal craws should start their spring spawn soon, with last years fall spawners close to dropping their young as well.  Don't overlook shallow reaction patterns now for multipul species.  I know of several very nice walleye coming off rattlebait patterns very shallow late in the evening.  Rainbow are still smacking cranks and jerks along the shorelines.  Smallies will be patrolling the shallows near deep water, and if you have followed this blog, you know what I think of pocket water this time of year!! 

  Rufas is still giving up good walleye to blade baits and jigs.  I know of one over 18lbs that was released after smacking a blade in 30 ft. near an island.  Triploids are slow but steady and a 2 fish limit is still a reality if you put in the time.  Marabou jigs, spinners, and power bait still working.

  Roosevelt is giving up a few kokanne in the shallows during twilight times or under overcast dark sky's.  Rainbow are still biting well and are for the most part ten ft. or less in depth.  Several nice catches of walleye on cranks in the river mouths, even more on blades and drop shot minnows.  Smallmouth activity is up with a strong bite on jerkbaits fished slow over breaks from 10 to 25 or more ft. of water.  Ripping rattle baits should be a rising pattern as those fish get a bit more aggressive in the weeks to come.

  Well, thats it for today, if your fishing Banks this week, check out our selection of suspending crankbaits, jerkbaits, and blades.  Tools that will get "r" done right now!  Just a few more truths and tails from Lou at Playland, tight lines folks.


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Comment by Steve Norris on April 23, 2014 at 2:06pm

Thanks so much Lou! This blog is most enjoyable to read.

See you tomorrow Chief!

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