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  Well folks, as predicted, things here on Banks Lake have picked up significantly!  Yesterday, a group of guys including Dave Graybill tried their hand at the Triple Fish Challenge.  In one day, they caught a bunch of smallies crankin, several nice walleye pulling bouncers, and a hand full of Rainbow trolling rippin minnow plugs and shad raps tight to shore.  There will be a TV show made from this trip, so watch for it soon!  NW Bass will be here saturday, and with the stable weather, my prediction of 20lbs to win seems even more likely now.  As for Roosevelt, the first solid reports of Kokanee came in with fish taking pink or purple Apex's and jointed rap's right up near the surface.  Considering it was a clear, calm day, I was a bit surprised to hear those fish were up, but they were there non the less, go figure!  Smallies up there are starting to get more aggressive, with jerks and cranks taking some very nice fish.  Walleye should be hard into the rivers now, so that action should be better.  On Rufas, no new information since monday.  Tripliods are slow, but steady, Walleye are on the move, closer to spawn, but still taking blade baits, bouncer rigs and deep cranks.  A few smallies showing up as well, mostly on blades.

  To expand a bit on the crawdad info in our last discussion, having signal craws showing up carrying eggs at this time of year should not be surprising.  Although not common knowledge, signal craws often will have a second spawn late in the year.  This september thru november spawn may not be as numerous as the spring event, and may not occur in every lake, but it seems to happen here.  Those fall spawners will take their eggs into their burrows for the winter, and emerge in the spring with those developed eggs ready to hatch when the temps are right.  I am still researching the patterns for the invasive Northern Craws and the Red rusty Craws that both seem to be in our waters now.  If you fish for Crawfish, be sure you can ID the invasive guys, because the State wants us to distroy them regardless of size or spawning status.  I will try to get more info on those species movements and habits into an update soon.

  Well, if you can get out this weekend, believe me you should! Just a few Truths and Tails from Lou at Playland.  Tight lines!!! 

  P.S.  Late on Thursday, reports came in about Banks Walleye.  Seems many have moved up shallow (10-20ft) and were slamming blade baits!!  Could be that the spawn for some is on, more later.

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Comment by Zach Chandler on April 12, 2014 at 6:17pm
Just found this blog and read through them all, great read with great info.

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