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Im looking at upgrading my boat this next year and wanted to get some feedback/opinions on what anyone might recommend I check out. 

I currently have a Champion 186 and I think its time to upgrade.  Im looking at possibly getting a mixed use type bass boat.  I need to find something that is a little more roomy for the Wife/ friends, and better in rough big water but still is bass fishing focused.  I'm definitely not trying to get myself into a ski boat with a tiny casting deck, that would be a downgrade in my opinion!

I love the layout, style, power, everything about the tournament style bass boat but I am trying to find something that offers a little bit more room for passengers and stuff while keeping that bass boat feel.  Couple boats I have been researching are the Larson FX and the Ranger Reata.   Im hoping I can get some good feedback on what boats people may recommend I check out. 


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Pm Jake the snake anderson. He has a Reata that he may be selling. Ive fished out of it many times, great duel purpose boat
Hey Jeff....You Downgrade fisherman!
I have a reata 180vs. It has a smaller deck than a true bass boat. Doesnt bother me, but if you had a true bassboat before, it will seem small to you.

The reata in my opinion is the only bass platform that has family capabilities. If you have room for a 20ft Reata, that would be a good boat to look at. Some have a deck extension that would be good.

I think Allison makes a bass boat that seats 4. Spendy, but probably the berries.

The best crossover boats that are good for bass fishing will be built on a bass hull, which means rough water wont be great for them.
Thanks for the info. Its a tough decision to make, there are so many boats out there to choose from. The Triton Allure looks like a good fishable multi use boat as well. Can't say that I've found one that I really like over the others, Well I guess there is but I'm not looking to spend 70k!:)
As you know, bass boats have hulls that are lower to the water. This is good for casting. Alot of multi purpose boats dont layout that way. There really isnt many choices for a bass feel that has multiple functions. Tritons and skeeters are more multi purpose, where the Reata is more bass with family capabilities.

Comes down to what is important to you. If you dropshot vertically all day, then the deck height off the water may not matter. If you want to flip pitch and roll cast, then it may be a big factor.

Good luck!


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