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Just an FYI, the Lake Goodwin launch fees at Wenberg Park have been increased from $7 to $10.

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Is this park a state park? If so you can buy a state parks natural investment permit. It costs 75-80 bucks and gives you a year long pass to any state parks boat launch. I fish lk sammamish frequently and use this pass. Its worth it if youre on the water often. You can order online by searching wdfw natural investment permit.

Thanks, Zach. Unfortunately, Wenberg is now a Snohomish County park and consequently the State Permit won't work. They do have a Snohomish County Pass, however, that is $70/year, so that is definitely an optiion.

70 Bucks and its good for Stevens, Goodwin, Flowing, and Kyak Pt


No fee to launch at flowing, just your discovery pass.

I believe Flowing has two launches, one is good with WDFG Vehicle pass or Discover Pass and the other with the SNOCO Park Pass. South one is WDFG I believe.

yeah they have had plans to remodel Wenberg boat launch and the project already has delays but that's Snohomish county or any other tax payer funded project in Washington (Bertha not included that's whole other topic) construction on wenberg starts in the spring sometime I was told. So if you don't fish much might not want that 70 dollar pass....to bad I bought mine in October :(


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