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Hey guys,


For those who were unable to make it to the Tackle Swap, I wanted to share the finalized versions of the first six colors I will be offering in the TW Jig.  Limit Out Marine will have these in stock by February 1st and the website will be up soon.  You will be able to see the skirt detail and individual colors much better in the hi-res images. 


I have a few neat lure ideas for 2012 if I can find the time to build the prototypes and get some quality field testing in.  Thanks for checking out the jigs.






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Nice looking lures, I will buy some from you and give them a try.

let me be the first to test these out!!!

Love the name.  Man they look good.  I gotta hit you up for some after the holiday.


It's tough trying to save money when a new product that you really want to purchase comes out and the color selection is SOOO good that you HAVE to purchase multiple quantities of every color available!!  That is a major compliment by the way!!  The naming scheme for each color is perfect too! I am sure bass across the state are already trembling at the name of each one of those jigs!  At least as much as their cold, slow metabolisms will allow them to at the moment!  I end up saying this every year but there is always 2013 for saving money!! 

do they come with a hook?

they look sweat...

I look forward to fishing with those they look sweet. 

Them are nice Tag.  I hope the new business venture works out for ya! I can't buy any tho because then I wouldn't have anything to do in the winter when I get bored.

Thank you for the kind words and feedback, gentlemen.  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.   


Trust me, Chad, it's in there!  The finalized versions will feature a custom-made jighead with a premium 6/0 gaff.  Although I had no hookup issues during field testing with a 5/0 hook, I decided this week to spend a little more money and go with a custom jighead featuring a 6/0 hook to provide a little more hook length and gap.  These jigs are designed with big fish in mind and I want to take every step possible to ensure that when a big fish bites, they get pinned well and winched into the boat.


Much appreciated, PJ.  I am busy enough with my full-time+ job that I won't have much spare time to tie jigs.  Hoping to find enough free-time to keep up with the local demand if it's there, and offer a tool to help guys catch a few more big fish next season.


The jigs will be available in 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz. and 1 oz. sizes.  Due to the 280 strand skirt, the fall is slowed down significantly, so anything under 1/2 oz. is not needed in my opinion.  Below is a photo of the 1/2 oz. for size reference, along with a few other popular 1/2 oz. jigs on the market.


Thanks again!   


those are so sick!

That is a quality looking jig there. Very nice indeed.  Sign me up for some.

Great looking jig Tag.

Really a full bodied bait profile. I like the idea they hide the hook so well.

I will be getting some myself..


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