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Been a month or so since a new bass post.  Why has it been so dead in here lately?  Did Facebook take over, did we stop sharing information, did we all grow up and stop the WaFish hijinx ?  In it's hayday this site was great for us fisherman, with a lot of FUNNY/embarrassing stuff mixed in.  Thanks Jordan for the site and hopefully it's still around to share idea's and ask questions on in the future.

Catch and release :)

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Been wondering the same thing, seems as though all you see are pics and things for sale, was going to post a discussion a while back but seeing 0 comments on numerous previous posts decided against it, hopefully wafish will make a comeback!
Still got your bass cat Chris?

because it is dead. not enough people know about it. could be good. western bass is good. whoever runs this should do a little marketing to local clubs and anglers and get more people on board. 

Sure do.  What about you ?

stevens said:

Still got your bass cat Chris?

Hi Guys,

Really comes down to how the site is administered and run on my end as the creator/owner/admin. 

As I'm sure many of you understand as times change, families grow and priorities change, something has to give. In this case, it's on me for not pushing and promoting as much as I used to. I still thing this is a great platform for bass tournament and hobby anglers alike and can return to it's former glory. 

There are some really exciting new things in the works and possible a big change... Stay tuned...

Will stay plugged in and anxiously await!  Thank you Jordan:)

Sold it last year, I'm currently looking for a new one. I'll have it by spring, sorry for late reply....


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