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Hey guys, curious what new bait or technique you discovered in 2018. It sure seems like the prevalence of the Ned rig was a big deal for a lot of the guys on the west side, and I know a few tournaments were won on that rig.

The whopper plopper is something I played around with a bit this year and caught both largemouth and smallmouth on. I also played around with some new trailers on swim jigs this year outside of the standard single tail or Keitech/swim bait trailer including a variety of strike king rage plastics. 

What did you have success with in 2018 (and are willing to share)?


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2. Chatterbait and a plopper. I had never fished either until 2018, kind of thought of them as gimmicks. I ended up catching my personal best largie on a plopper and my pb smallie on a chatterbait. Both are a blast to fish.

I enjoyed using a frog this past year. I'm a strange person and pretty much abandoned all topwaters a few years ago. I still enjoy the whopper plopper and pop-r every now and then, but I got tired of seeing a ton of fish jumping over and attacking my bait without getting them in the boat. I used a Jackall Gavacho frog in 2018 and experienced a good hookup ratio and had fun with it. 

I had never fished a Carolina Rig before this past year.  Never really saw the need for it or benefit of it.  I got a good tutorial on Clear Lake in CA from a guy who fishes The Rig a ton.  Learned a bunch and decided to try it some up here.  Ended up having a few days where it outfished a d-shot or football head on Lk WA.  Plan to try it this year on Moses some.


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