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And you thought it would end at the Columbia River! Keep voting in those LIBERAL Democrats.

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To expand a bit here's an article from Northwest Sportsman. As Dana said, the elected officials like to blame Bass, walleye and channel catfish ( really!!??), Rather than blame themselves for shitty policy, and gillnets. I suppose these fish are alot easier to blame. 


I attended the December 14 meeting, and was disappointed to see that, of the 690 letters received by the Commission, 500 of them--72%--favored eliminating limits on all warm water species.  We can point all the fingers we want, blame any party or group, but in the long run, that will do nothing.  We had more than enough time to make a better showing than that.  I sent three letters opposing this bill, one signed by me, one by my wife, and one by my youngest daughter.  Democracy is a pain in the butt, and I'd rather be fishing than writing the Commission, but if we stand around, bitch, and do nothing else, we will get what we deserve.  According to the group count, we have 749 members.  If every one had submitted a letter, we would have buried the opposition. https://wdfw.wa.gov/sites/default/files/2019-12/15_commission_decis...


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