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The Muckleshoot had some guys out shocking at lake Sammamish this morning. Something needs to be done or that lake is in trouble with regards to bass fishing. Sad situation.

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They’re netting for the next seven weeks for bass


More live well biology can fix it

I can only assume that the tribe is doing this and receiving some decent financial funds. I guess I'm not buying into the whole, it's for the trout/salmon excuse that tends to be lobbed around in other fisheries. 

Sammamish is not a large body of water. If they have even moderate success netting it will impact the fishery. The last couple years has already seen a steady decline in tournament weights out there. There are Chinook Salmon and Coho salmon that run thru there, but I agree there is no doubt that they are finding some way to make money off the fish they are netting. 

I was out again today. They are shocking in the shallows, not netting. They have a stack of plastic bins on the dock which are clearly for their harvest. 


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