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The county council will be meeting Monday, January 14, at 7:00 pm, to discuss the removal of all motorized craft on Lakes Whatcom and Samish.  This started as a proposed ban on wake boats on Lake Samish, which have been raising hell with residents due to shoreline erosion caused by operating too close to the shore.  Personally, I thought banning wake boats would be a positive, since the operators seem to be as disrespectful as jet skiers.  But, as you can see, the discussion went from wake boats to ALL motorized boats.  Here's a hyperlink to change.org's summary.  https://www.change.org/p/whatcom-county-council-keep-boating-alive-...


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Joe, this is not meant to be a jab at you personally. I realize that you have been one of the few that have been attending numerous meetings and fighting for our warm water fisheries. I do need to share that I did post and predict that this was coming.

Reply by Joe Boyd on April 10, 2013 at 3:15pm

Dana, You need to come out of your shell and tell us how you really feel. 

Dana Steiner said:


I've been outspoken trying to tell everyone what would happen. Now, all you dumb $hit$ that bought into this crap, are going to take it right up the gazoo. Are all of you that stupid? When are you going to grow a sack and stand up to these jerk offs? This is only the start, next will be a total shutdown of the lake to all motorized watercraft. I predicted this in a previous post, anyone want to dispute me on this. 

My post disappeared, so I'll restate it.  The council public hearing scheduled for the 14th will deal with modifying the current ordinance to place wake boats at least 300 feet from the shore line on Lake Samish.  Currently, there is no consideration taking place for Lake Whatcom.  The current ordinance states that ALL powered boats be 300 feet from shore, and the no wake provision for the bridge be 2700 feet on both sides. The modification would require only wake boats be 300 feet from shore, and the no wake provision be reduced to 800 feet (I think, not sure on this one) on both sides of the bridge.  This compromise was actually pushed by the shore line owners on Lake Samish, who felt the ordinance was created without their input.  Powered boats other than the wake boats will be allowed to operate within 150 feet of shore.  Currently, this has minimal effect on bass boats, but the concern of the petition organizers is that this ordinance could be the next domino to fall (two-stroke ban, AIS inspections).  


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