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As I was watching MLF this week, I couldn't help but think about how many guys changed their strategy both in prefish and tournament day for locations and bait/technique based on a quantity vs quality approach. I'm sure if you asked, everyone's goal was both, but realistically you have to think that they'd probably go quantity over quality given the format being conducive to consistent fish catches vs 5 bites. 

Over the course of 5 days of events, I found myself thinking "great, here comes another dink chunk, followed by a grown ass man and pro angler - some of the best in the world in fact- begging for a 1lber". Being that it's so new and with the real time updates and added pressure knowing you have to beat that cut line, it's exciting and intriguing for now. 

My question is, do you think you'll grow tired of consistently watching guys 1-2lb themselves to victory in MLF, vs specifically targeting 5 big ones to weigh the biggest bag, and specifically conserving a handful of fish/areas to sustain over a multi day event? Perhaps there's a place for both, but I sure hope that during this honeymoon stage of the BPT, we don't lose sight of the time and effort it takes to also target better quality and less quantity. If BASS and FLW can figure out how to eliminate entry fees as BPT did, do you think there will be some guys making the jump back?

Curious to hear from the Wafish crew what you think...

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I like the format for the most part.  I would however, like to see BPT throw in a couple of conventional 5 fish limit tournaments jut to mix it up.  I know some of those guys liked to bitch a little about the dink fest tournaments that most of them turn out to be.  

I would rather watch the traditional 5 fish tournament. I don’t really think it’s all that entertaining to watch the best fisherman in the world 1# them to death. I feel like it’s a waste of talent. It’s fun to watch the mlf and the selects. But not a hole tour of it. It also took my favorite anglers from the elites so I’m not really excited to watch that ether.
I think its exciting to watch but prefer the hunt for 5 bigguns


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