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There are thousands upon thousands of articles, videos, and blogs strewn across YouTube, various websites, and social media, all focused on bass fishing. But how many of them actually are completely relevant to what fishing is like in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, etc. Too many times have I seen young or new bass anglers struggle to catch fish because they are simply misinformed.

In the last 5 years alone, I have seen numerous anglers get into the sport and then give it up because they just couldn't figure it out. After the fifth or so angler to put the rods down and sell the boat, I was starting to see a common theme... misinformation. It wasn't that they were getting bad info, they were just getting the wrong info! I know that most of us at one point thought that we had to buy a bunch of shad lures because all bass love shad... without knowing that WE DON'T HAVE THE SHAD THAT THE REST OF THE COUNTRY HAS!!  While this is just one example, it is a clear example of how fishing in out area is simply different. We have massive weather swings.... we don't have the illustrious grass populations of the Southeast... we don't have the knockout ledge fishing of the Midwest... we don't zebra and quagga mussels like the Northern lakes... and our Northern-strain largemouth are FUNDAMENTALLY different than Florida-strained Largemouth that populate the South. While a lot can be learned from these different fisheries, WAFish is going to make your search a lot easier.

This forum will be our massive filter of what makes a good Northwest bass angler! This is meant to help beginners become strong anglers and strong anglers become unstoppable hammers.

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Spring-time is here! The East-side is about to explode after ice-off this week and the West-side is in full-blown prespawn! Come along as Matt Allen gets you 100% prepared for early-season jerkbait action!

The only S-word more exciting than spring for a bass angler is Spinnerbaitin'!! Tacticalbassin gets down and dirty with the spinnerbait in springtime in this video! Some great learning lessons in here including cadence, blade selection, and modifications!

Everyone knows spring is one of the best ways to trick a new PB into eating! The fish are just moving up... their hungry... and the bulky profile of a jig can be just enough to trick that fish of a lifetime into eating! Great info here!

Matt Allen laying down some Spring-time juice!!


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