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66th Legislature

January 13 – 17, 2020

January 14, 2020 12 Noon - Governor’s State of the State Address

Listed below are the legislative committee activities individuals interested in Warm Water Fisheries should be following during the week. If you plan to attend a committee meeting, be sure to check the latest committee schedule before you leave home. Committee schedules change frequently. Parking is limited.


Opening Day and Swearing-in Ceremonies


SB 6071 - Concerning increased deterrence and meaningful enforcement of fish and wildlife violations. (Hearing is on the Proposed Substitute.) (If measure is referred to committee.)

By Senators Van De Wege and Warnick; by request of Department of Fish and Wildlife Prefiled 12/12/19.


Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources - 8:00 AM

House Hearing Rm B, John L. O'Brien Building

Work Session: The Role of Fish Passage in Salmon Recovery. Public Hearing:

  • HJM 4012 - Recognizing the international year of the salmon.


Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources - 10:00 AM

House Hearing Rm B, John L. O'Brien Building


Public Hearing:

HB 2250 - Concerning coastal crab derelict gear recovery. (If measure is referred to committee.)

  • HB 2276 - Concerning the collection of derelict fishing gear. (If measure is referred to committee.)

 Yesterday was the first day of the 2020 Washington state legislative session, politics is probably at the bottom of the list for most people, however, this needs to be at the top of our priorities this year. Anti-bass advocates in the governor’s office, the department of fish & wildlife and our state congress are in full force to shut us down. The threat to warm Water fisheries (bass, walleye & catfish) is greater than ever during the 2020 Washington State legislative session.

This may not be limited to just the warm fisheries, once they find out that trout eat salmon, they will start shutting down trout fisheries. Next, is shutting down all salmon fishing. Governor Jay Inslee and his followers are responding to junk science with knee jerk reactions.

The primary purpose of the Save Washington Bass fishing FB page is obvious, when politicians are writing bills the intent is not so transparent. Pages and pages mostly filled legal gibberish most members of congress don’t understand.

Do you want to pay extra for every fishing trip in the future? Watch out for bills about how you will pay a mileage tax, every time you head to your favorite honey hole.

Read the bills listed above and the HJM 4012, this should give everyone an idea of the frame of mind we are up against. When you see a new bill in Olympia notify others so we can respond. Stay updated by get actively involved during our off season – so we have a season to fish when the legislature session ends.

Dan Anderson

Conservation Director

Washington State Bass Federation

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