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Scent Locker - Customized Storage Container for Scents, Dyes, Glue & Reel Lubricants

Protect your boats carpet, interior and gel coat.
Scent Locker is a universal storage container which was developed for storing messy, smelly scents and dyes used for soft plastics as well as reel oils, reel grease and fishing glue.

These items can make a mess in boats when being used or when they are not stored upright to prevent leakage. Since Scents and Dyes are alcohol based containers become pressurized especially in hot weather and then blow out when they lid is opened thus ruining expensive boat carpet and upholstery.

The Scent Locker container is a place to store, open and use these products to help contain any spillage.
There is also a drip pad located underneath the lid for the angler to work over which also doubles as a place to lay the bait down to dry after it has been dipped in scents or dyes.

Each cut out is universally designed to hold the container variations that a majority of companies use for these products. Also, they come with the knock out plugs so compartments that are not in use can be filled in if desired.

For more product information or to place an order visit: THREERIVERSTACKLE.COM or call (509) 948-8787

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Boy that would have been nice to have! I'm sure I'm not the only one with chartreuse dye and a lingering smell of gulp coming from my carpet. 

Yeah, everyone I talk to seems to have a story. Everything from stinky, stained boat carpet or seats and even having to replace the flooring in their house after spilling some on the linoleum which of course makes everyone else in the house happy when they get to smell garlic for the next 6 months.


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