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Cleaning out the garage and I have several rods and reels for sale


G Loomis GLX 953 C FPR 7 11 Med-Heavy Fast flipping punch rod.  This is the model from a few years ago with a green blank.  This rod has seen plenty of use and has a replacement tip but is still 100% functional.  One of the best flipping/punching rods on the market $275

G Loomis Glx BSR803 6 8 spinning rod.  This is a previous years model.  Rod is in great shape but is missing the hook holder $225

Gloomis SHR822S 6 10 mag-med this is the older style shakey head rod.  Good shape but missing a chunk of cork on the foregrip $100

St Croix Mojo Bass 7 4 medium power glass cranking rod purple blank normal boat rash $75

Fenwick Elite Tech 7 9 extra heavy rods in great shape little use $80


3 Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 1 Casting reels all three are 7.1:1 gear ration right hand retrieve.  All three are well used and have associated boat rash all three are 100% functional  $65 each 

2 Abu Garcia Revo SX Gen 1 Casting Reels both are 7.1:1 gear ration right hand retrieve.  Both are well used and have boat rash.  One reel has a replacement handle $60 for reel with original handle $50 for the one with replacement handle.

2 Abu Garcia Revo SX Gen 2 Casting Reels both are 6.4:1 gear ration right hand retrieve.  Used with associated boat rash $75 each

Can send pics at request.

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