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I have been a member of Wafish pretty much since the beginning and have never posted anything before, but the actions of one angler on the final day of the Northwest Divisional tournament in Oregon was such an inspiration to myself I felt that Travis Archer deserves much recognition. Travis risked his own safety to help a fellow angler in danger and desperate for help. Anyone who has ever launched there boat out of the cascade locks marine knows how dangerous the launch can be because of the very fast current running in front of the launch trying to force you into the rocks waiting to destroy your boat. As the last few boats wait in the strong current for their co-anglers to back their trailers in and pull their boats out of the river the worst possible senerio starts to play out. As soon as the Idaho angler makes his way thru the raging current towards the ramp his motor dies at the worst possible time sending him quickly down river on a direct course to disaster. As the Idaho angler frantically try's to deploy his trolling motor which does absolutely nothing to combat the furious current, Travis knowing he is risking crashing his boat as well secures a line to the Ifaho boat and attempts to pull him clear. Unfortunately the current is just too strong and sends both boats into the steel overhanging dock directly in the current. If it wasn't for Travis slowing the Idaho boat down before it hit the dock I am sure things would have been much worse, the current was fast enough it could have pulled the Idaho boat under the dock and spit it out the other side in pieces. Eventually Travis was able to flag down another boat to help, and with the assistance of a few of us who also ran down river to help we were able to rescue the Idaho angler and his boat thanks to Travis Archer Northwest Divisional HERO!!

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