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As you all know, the state of WA will be cutting several programs. Mr. Don Wittenberger from the IFPAG recently started a movement based on my recommendation to initiate an option to make a donation to the WDFW when you purchase a license. Initially, we are sending in checks to the WDFW to get the ball rolling. For more information on the letter Mr. Wittenberger sent, the point of contact at the WDFW or the address to send letters and checks to, please see the discussion in the Musky Group, sponsored by Cascade Musky Association.

Remember, more WDFW law enforcement means less poaching, better fisheries and better fishing! Even if you can't send money, please sned a letter or join in on the discussion.

Craig Bukowski
Cascade Musky Association

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Comment by Craig Bukowski on February 27, 2009 at 6:19pm
Troy, we did some research and the best way to protect the funding is to earmark the dollars. By adding this feature to license purchases, the money raised has to be used for the intent it was raised legally. That means if this option happens, all money MUST be used to support WDFW's game enforcement. This protects the money and might free up additional funds for stocking, etc.
Comment by troy kelly on February 27, 2009 at 6:05pm
good idea, but from my understanding money from our liscense sales, tackle, etc etc for hunting and fishing is supposed to go toward organizations like wdfw, however i dont believe that it actually goes to those organizations. your right though our resource is getting raped without enforcement. i actually severly reduced my salmon steelhead effrots because of the blatent disregard for the regulations.



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