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Silver lake Open Capital City Bass club Results

Well in case you haven't herd or at least herd it from a ccbc club member it was tough fishing both club and open tourney. A BIG FAT 0 both days darn fish. What happened to the 19th being the greatest fishing day of the month ouch. Had some tough decisions to make and we as a club decided to give back half of what would have been winning's in the form of a raffle drawing by using the boat numbers. 10 boats got $100.00 checks. Never have I experienced this type of situation and all I can say is I don't want to again. I do have to say thanks to the weather gods though because it wasn't raining on the BBQ and almost every team hung around for the raffle and spent more money. Very appreciative to all those guys and gals who stuck around hanging out thank you hope you may have won a few things at what was our best raffle yet. I want to say Thanks to all our sponsors we had a lot i don't want to put every web up but I would like to name them real quick. Anglers marine thanks for the BBQ, Auburn sports, Cabelas, Chehalis sheet metal, Dan Collins Construction, Dobyn's Rods special shout out to Willie Nelson thanks bud, Dry Creek outfitters thanks for the special Silver Lake assortment hope everyone dug those, Johhny Chainsaw tree service, Kevin Jones thanks dude, Lamiglas, L & E bottling Co., Les Schwab tire, Limit Out performance marine, Mad Bass baits, Pacific Boatland Need a Ranger go see Dave Lanphear, Silver Lake Resort, Sniper lures, 3rivers marine, Trane, Tune City DJ's, Ryans auto detailing and WA Fish for being able to post this stuff because lets face it jordan you've changed the game in Bass fishing just a bit here in WA and I like it. Thanks Everyone in Club for once again putting it all together.

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Comment by Joel Booth on March 30, 2011 at 8:21pm
Wow some good sticks get on here to back up Chad (also a great fisherman from what I understand) and people fold???  I believe Ron, Pat, and Chad are clearly in the right for what its worth but I don't really care anymore because nobody is taking any blame for this and I wasn't a contestant so I didn't get screwed.,  Again I love how this tournament is run but if they continue to have it in March I think another blank for the whole field is going to happen sometime in the distant future.
Comment by Aaron Knesal on March 29, 2011 at 7:26am
ha! I see what I can do about that pat (whoever you are).
Comment by Pat on March 28, 2011 at 8:29pm

Who was first and who was last?


Take the 80% Payback, divide by the number of boats, and distribute the cash.

Chad and Ron are correct.

aaron, ddon't be a dick.

Comment by Roy E. Hawes on March 28, 2011 at 7:37am

I guess I am just a mediator here...I dont know chad, I am good friends with Rick (Tournament Director) and in no way was I trying to bash the club.  I know I made that point twice in the initial post to the blog I made. 

I am however pleased that I did respond.  In the future, it seems that clubs will have it written into the rules for tournaments held early in the year, that in the event that the entire field blanks, it will be recognized as a "special circumstance".  What the clubs decide to do is up to them on the matter, just as it is for CCBC on this matter. 

There were somethings on the tournament flyer after researching the issue a bit.  The extra ten dollars for the parking and launching fee was written in black and white and all anglers had to sign that form, If there are misinterprentations of the rules, then they should be brought up either prior to signing up or at the boaters meeting.

CCBC does host an excellent tournament and I am sure they will handle this situation like they have any others; with professionalism. 

Thanks for all members who shared their thoughts on the matter.


Tight Lines,


Roy Hawes 

Comment by Ronald Hobbs, Jr. on March 27, 2011 at 9:46pm

Like I said Aaron, I know for a fact that this problem will never happen again, I also agree that CCBC is a very very good club and they wanted to do what was right, in no way do I think that they imagined no one would catch a fish.


BUT yet I think they should have been prepared. This tournament has never been judged on the amount of fish caught and I think zeros dominate the field. Hind sight is always twenty twenty, I think Chad and Roy were just stating what I think is obvious, DO WHAT YOU PROMISE as according to the tournament flyer! For example 80% payout......this didn't happen.....good as a broken promise!  I think they screwed up and I know they know they screwed up, it is definetely water under the bridge.


BTW Chad is a friend of mine and I felt he was attacked for opinions that I viewed as very well warranted, so I am just like you, we are here to back our friends. 


Much respect to everyone involved, this was a learning experience for everyone, be prepared for anything.

Comment by Aaron Knesal on March 27, 2011 at 3:07pm


You make some very good points that are based on several years of Professional Tournament participation. Also, it is much easier to make a judgement call a week after the fact than it is with a mostly full field of anglers looking on. I can only imagine there was a lot of pressure to do the right thing at that exact moment in time.


I want to be clear on a couple of things, first and most importantly, I am in no way affiliated with CCBC nor am I an agent for that club. My opinions on this matter are just that, my own...not the clubs. I have friends there and have a little insight on how hard they work to put on a quality event each and every year. I get defensive anytime one of my friends get thrown under the bus and that is how I perceived the comments from Roy and Chad. Secondly, I don't agree with your analogy regarding ordering backordered and then discontinued merchandise with no refund. That only works if they were holding a bass tournament on a lake and they found out there were no bass in it. We all know that there are bass in Silver Lake, right? 


One thing that I know for sure is that CCBC does a lot of good for the local fishing community through charitable donations monetarily, they work with WDFW on boat ramp restoration and they volunteer their time with the 'Casting for Kids' Organization.


It's nice that we all have this forum to express our strong beliefs and I will continue standing by mine. Thanks for your input.  








Comment by Ronald Hobbs, Jr. on March 27, 2011 at 12:11pm

I agree with Chad on this one guys, I think the total payout (80% payout as advertised) should have been divided among the total number of participants (27 teams) (Really it was a full field tie) The big fish pot(100% as advertised) should of been given back to each team that was entered (again a tie).


To raffle off the amount of what 1st place would have been was not fair (should have been 80% IMO), every team was equal so.  I know this has never happened before and CCBC was not ready for it, in the future I think it will be handled differently and they will be ready. I know Evergreen has an outline on how to put on The Freeze Your bASS, and has outlines what to do with fog, flooded docks, etc. and now probably add something in for just in case the field blanks. 

Just because nobody catches fish doesn't mean you get to keep more money. Aaron says it wasn't necessary for them to pay back the money and I say B.S.The same payout as advertised should be paid out regardless. I think it is rediculas to say the club keeps 100% of payout if no one catches a fish, if thats the case I want to throw a tourney where this will happen more often! Thats like ordering something and it is backordered then discontinued and they don't refund your money, because its not the stores fault for the product being discontinued. 

I think CCBC messed up and they realize it, it is too late now to give back the money so maybe the extra money should be maybe donated to a good cause. Even though Clubs are not for profit organizations they do need and are allowed to have funds (within limits) and that I understand, but to take advantage when things go bad is not good and not to come thru as advertised will most certainly cause conflict.  Guarantee one thing it will be alot different if everyone blanks again.

I think all of Chad's concerns will be addressed next year on the flyers, the extra $10 should have not been added to basic entry it should have been outlined as an add on, just like the extra $10 ABA charges for conservation charges. I have no doubt this all will get figured out and next years Silver Lake Open will bigger and better than ever!


Aaron you said

"This is a 'Pay to Play' sport.

1. Pay your entry fee

2. Fish by the rules

3. Do well? cash a check

4. Suck? cash NO check

CCBC did a nice (albeit not necessary) thing by holding a drawing. The money equaled the prize payout if people would have actually caught fish!"



I don't agree with #4 you can still suck and cash a check, especially if you sucked less or just as bad as the winner...in this case first place sucked as bad as last, divide the winnings.....simple answer. As Far as the last statement wrong again, they promised an 80% payout so it was necessary to pay it back, it was a 27 way tie so divide and pay another easy answer.  Your last statement was also wrong they only payed out what 1st place was suppose to win it did not equal the whole payout.... 

Just my opinions like I said before CCBC will have this all squared away and outlined so this cluster never happens again, Roy and Chad's opinion's are definetely inline with mine....I'm not saying anyone is wrong here I just think it needs to be outlined and fixed for future events so the anglers know going into it what to expect.

Comment by Aaron Knesal on March 27, 2011 at 9:06am


You sure have a lot to say for someone without an opinion...and you don't strike me as the type of person that could make a charitable contribution without running your mouth about it (I don't think you have the capacity). One last thing, just because I use big words in sentences that you don't understand, doesn't make me the dullard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYS0weula7w

Good luck, I think you'll need it.

Comment by Chad Simon on March 27, 2011 at 7:40am


Lay off the coolaid, go finish high school, and report back to me. What part of I don't have an opinion on this matter don't you understand. How do you know I didn't donate the $100 back to CCBC or some other charity. Don't put word's in my mouth! Get a clue, and have facts to back it up next time you make such stupid statements. I'm done on this topic.... I've got more important things to do, and I'm pretty confident that you've allready proven yourself to everyone as a real knowledgeable person.

Comment by Joel Booth on March 27, 2011 at 5:55am
I love fishing this tournament and I have been fishing it every year since I started fishing tournaments, with the exception of this year because I was in California for spring  break.  The tournaments always well ran and I enjoy myself whether I catch a fish or not but Chad raises some good points.  With the time of the year I'm surprised this is the first time this has came up on this lake.

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