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Hi Everyone,

With the spring fishing time upon us, now is the time to make sure that your gear is dialed in for those big tournaments and big fish fun trips here are a few things I do to make sure my gear is good to go:

-Take a Q-tip to all of my rods guides. I rub the Q-tip around the inside of the ceramic pieces, and rod tips in the case of the GLX rods. If any piece of the q-tip sticks to the inside of the ceramic piece you should double check it for cracks or grooves int he ceramic piece and replace if necessary. You don't want any frays in your line.

-We all have those rods that have been in the rotation for years that have the cork starting to fade, get hard and slippery. In my case my loomis dropshot, spinnerbait and crankbait rods get a serious workout and the cork has started to harden and get slick. I take a brush like what you'd clean pots and pans with, a little lemon joy and water then clean and rought them up a little. Almost like new.

-Replace or get the line twist out of my line. I tie a ball bearing swivel to the end of my line especially on the spinning rods, connect it to something stationary and continue to back up down the driveway or even down the street. You get funny looks from the neighbors, but avoid a big headache on the water.

-As always replace those hooks on your cranks! Lets face it, the bronze VMC's and Eagle claws usually suck, so ntrade those crank and jerkbait hooks with gamakatsu EWG's or Mustad triple grips!

What else do you guys do to prep for the big days?


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Comment by Keith Brooks on May 7, 2009 at 7:24pm
I will respool as needed, retie every bait that is not respooled. All the tackle in the locker will be organized so I have any chance at all of finding what I want when I want it. I always try to have everything ready on Thursday before a tournament so Friday night is no stress...
Comment by BigBass Dez on May 7, 2009 at 9:02am
Before each tourney i will Clean all rods and reels. Oil down the reels and reset my dragg system . I only use new hooks on tourney day , any other day not much of a requirement . Like David said i also create my "pannic box" so that i dont have to dig for tackle through out the day . I have my many trips down to the dock just so that i can ensure that my cranks run tru and make adjustments if needed. All my line is checked for nic's or weak areas . Mostly all baits will get a coat of Scent the night before the tourney and plastic's are covered up and protected untill ready for use. Last but not least , I also i make sure i do atleast 5 -10min of stretching . We make alot of cast through the day and stretching prior to catsing make a difference .
Comment by Eric DeLay on May 7, 2009 at 8:48am
Hee hee. Everytime you say Q-tip I think of Lloyd
Comment by David Parnicky on May 6, 2009 at 10:27pm
Great stuff Jordan!
I spend a lot of time checking line on my reels, replacing hooks, and painting weights and jigheads to match the colors of plastics im going to be using. Also, I always reorganize one or two "go to" stow away boxes with tackle I feel I am going to use the most on a given day. This seems to speed up retying, changing baits, etc. on the water. I need to do more maintenance on my rods and reels as this is something I seem to have avoided most years.

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