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The Reward of Fishing Less Than Ideal Conditions

Another Trip to Lake Union Tuesday, 10-28-09

I had the fortune of getting out of work a bit early today. Despite my suspicions that the passing period of cold and rainy weather would likely turn the fish off and lower my chances of success fishing from the shore, I decided to go bass fishing anyway. Because this was not a planned trip, I only had two trunk rods and a motley but limited selection of lures.

Poor weather conditions + Limited lure selection = Slim prospects.

Bring it on! I always welcome a challenge!

3:15 PM
I arrived at about 3:15 and tossed my first cast about 15 minutes later. First up to bat was the Drop Shot. I managed to snag up in less than a minute. Argh!! I hate the when that happens! Put the spinning rig down and tossed the bait caster with a ¼ oz homemade marabou jig. I deemed the first spot nonproductive and moved to the next spot.

Picked up the DS rig again and worked area thoroughly. Snagged up a few more times while using three different plastics. Tried the jig again and lost it on a snag. It was the only one I had. I employed the Joker crankbait next and worked it in a fan shape. Once again, nothing.

4:25 PM
Moved to the third spot and picked up the DS but this time no more messing around. Sniper Snub time, wacky rigged. Got my first hit. It was so subtle and sweet, and although it’s been a long time, just like walking, you never forget. Knew it was a dink, but a hook up is a hook up. I brought it to the surface and let my line go slack. The smallie knew what to do and shook itself off.

4:35 PM

I hook into another one but screwed up and yanked it away.

4:40 PM
Time to wrap up and head back to the car.

4:45 PM
Temptation coaxed me into trying one last spot; the spot I really wanted to try earlier and I succumbed to her siren wale and made a cast. I noticed something wasn’t quite right with my reel so I looked down to see what the problem was (the fluorocarbon line was too hard for me to see). I was having difficulty turning the handle to recover line and I couldn’t determine the culprit. As luck would have it I got a definite tug on the line. It felt like a decent one too. I kept think to myself, “Don’t lose this one, reel malfunction or not. Don’t you dare lose this one!”

I eventually brought it in after some trouble and she was a sight for sore eyes. I took a photo and let her go. As for the reel, it turns out that I managed to get the line tangled around the roller. Weird!

I feel good. Fishing from the shore is just going to become tougher as winter approaches so I will savor this round. Most casts were worked carefully, thoroughly, and with focus. It’s a relief when persistence and putting in the time yields a reward. Two for three under these conditions a small victory for me I will call it.


Cold and overcast, with a lot of rain earlier in the week
Gear: Mag-Touch/Curado 201BSF 8# mono, Compre/Rapala 6Sxi 6# Invizx
Lures: Marabou Jig, Senkos, Roboworms, Snubs, Crankbaits


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Comment by Mark Byrne on October 30, 2009 at 8:44am
Proof again there is no such thing as “a bad day fishing”! Drop shots are tough to use from the bank any snags are hard to free up when you can’t get to the snag. Way to stick to it, it sounded like fun! Thanks for sharing.
Comment by Steve Hastings on October 29, 2009 at 9:25am
ib, wax on man,... wax on. Nicely written! I know all the urges you mentioned. Not every bass has to win a tournament or be a trophy, the challenge and thrill is what ever is in front of you at the time.



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