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Hi everyone,

with 2010 winding down, I am curious to know a few things for the future of this site:

1. What is it that you like best about this site?

2. What is it you least like about this site?

3. What would you like to see added in 2010?

This site has been up for a year now and I want to make sure it continues to get better and grow.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and making the appropriate changes.



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Comment by Eric DeLay on January 7, 2010 at 5:27pm
Potter thinks "no one" is one word. Noone?
Comment by Josh Potter on January 4, 2010 at 9:46am
I counted up all the responses and the number of people that would like to laugh AND learn edged out the number of nerds who just want to learn. So we should all feel free to return to our humorous ways except for those of you who had their personality surgically removed at birth. You all know who you are and if you don't somone will remind you at the appropriate time.

Some people may not find my humor (or others humor) entertaining. Well guess what......sometimes I don't find your "information" to be very informative. Much of this is a matter of opinion and noone is forced to visit this site. If you don't like the way a topic is headed then quit reading and if it gets out of control the fun police will surely stop it.
Comment by Shawn O'Connell on January 3, 2010 at 1:34pm
Jon - I think that is the difference people don't get. Most sites like this don't have the network of friends this site does. I've met quite a few people that I get a kick out of. Also all of us that fish the tourney's give each other just as much crap in person as we do on site.
Comment by Bill Hovatter on January 3, 2010 at 1:47am
Apparently, there are a lot of egos in fishing. Reading these posts, I realize that there has been as much contention in the Bass Fishing World, as in the Musky World. I say check the egos at the sign-on and use this site for what it is/was intended and I assume that to be informative and entertaining.

Thanks for offering this forum for us growing fisherman!
Comment by Joel Alinen on January 2, 2010 at 8:23pm
I personally think this site was awesome and is going downhill. I believe the goal of Wafish is to provide a quality fishing resource for anglers. What draws anglers to this site more than others is that it has the best Bass Fishing minds in our state sharing information with fellow bass anglers. Before this site my best source of bass information was The Fishing and Hunting News=) This website is not like others, and should never be. The thing that keeps me logging onto Wafish on a daily basis is to hear from the guys who have proved themselves as quality anglers and have provided quality information to all the viewers of this website…specifically Marc, Jr., Tag, Hogue, Matkowski, and many others in the Wafish community.
This is not Washingtonlakes.com, this is the Wafish.com. As previously stated I also do not enjoy using that site. I personally only use that site to look at topo maps of lakes I wanna fish. I’m sorry but if you like Washington lakes please use that website. This is a website that has collaborated the knowledge of the best bass fisherman in the state! Some of you may feel that the content on this site can be questionabl at times, but the obvious absents of Delay, Sessler, Bess, Potter, etc. has hurt this site. When I first joined this site it was FUNNY as hell and informative. I personally enjoy the ball busting as long as your calling someone out for being a tool…which we have had a growing number of lately!!!!!
Comment by P.J. Koshi on January 2, 2010 at 8:07pm
I like the Calender of events. I guess I just disregard the posts that are not funny to me or have no valuable info. I don't really care about those stupid posts since I usually don't read them. I will say that it is sad when a good topic gets twisted so badly it no longer applies at all. I do miss DeLay's humor and Advice and I am glad to see he is making a return. Jordan and Nick and whoever else you guys do a great job at moderating and keeping up the site. I enjoy the videos, and I plan on making some this next year and posting them. I have learned so much and made more fishing buddies since I have been on this site than I had in my whole life prior to visiting wafish.com.

Thanks Jordan!!!
Comment by Tom Edwards on January 2, 2010 at 2:29pm
Sounds good.
Comment by Shawn O'Connell on January 2, 2010 at 1:47pm
Personally I love the humor on this site and will always join in if it doesn't get personal. I also agree that this site has become more for the guys that are hardcore bass fisherman and that like to share information and give each other a hard time. In my opinion this site is superior to its rival in providing relevant information to our sport/hobby. We have some serious sticks on here that are sharing their knowledge and the personal attacks are pretty minor in comparison to other sites. We did have a short period where some posts had to be pulled, but Jordan has done a great job of knowing when something has crossed the line.
Tom - There was no big battle, just a general consensus by many of us that this is the site to frequent if you want to become a better stick and to have some fun and meet some friends doing it. I am a member on several sites in the US and consider this to be the most informative. I also like how everyone uses their name which personalizes things.
Comment by Russ Baker on January 1, 2010 at 10:45pm

i love hearing about all the new lures guys are trying and technique info to help us all catch more fsh. I also like the fact that we are given the opportunity to get to know others that love this addiction as much as we do
Comment by Jordan Doucet on January 1, 2010 at 10:36pm
Hi Guys,

I am with you on the site being fun. I have laughed more on this site than any other for sure as a result of guys like Eric, Jon, Mike Bess, Jr, etc... I would love to see that continue and certainly don't mean to dull up the site, but a happy medium needs to be found I guess.

Besides that, as you may have seen the calendar is in the works. Feel free to send me an email or message with events you'd like added and I can do that for you.


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