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  SPRING, however YOU define it is here!   What starts out with a quiet rumble will reach a raucous roar by the end of this month.  So lets talk about some of the more subtle changes that are underway and see if we can determine what effect those changes have on the fish we pursue.  Tempurature, this may not be subtle, but no doubt it effects a wide spectrum of events it the water.  Tied to the solar period, temp slowly builds and can vary widely based on frontal passages, rain, even cloud cover.  Those changes are felt more dramatically in shallower water.  Many of the most unnoticed, subtle changes happen in the wind protected dark bottom pockets and around dark rock rubble formations.  These area's absorb the suns energy and can have a dramatic effect on aquatic life.  Insect larva, crawfish, sculpins, feeling the steady warming of the sun may verture out to begin spawning rituals, and insects may go thru early hatches as well.  Also, shallow aquatic plants, submergent and emergent respond with new growth, effecting dissolved O2 levels and water PH.  All of these changes are attactive to and interactive with the now progressively more active preditor species we desire.  Add to the mix early spawning perch and rainbow trout, depositing vast quantities of eggs rich with nutrents to the picture and one might think that every fish in the lake would crash these shallow parties to pig out!  Not so! Never forget that wild weather changes are felt most dramatically there, and you can see why not all ares that fit this pattern will be equally utilized.  Issolated areas that border access to stable deeper water may not hold large numbers of feeding opportunities, but for a few fish, they may present a place to access needed energy with little expended energy.  Although most of these types of areas will lose thier appeal as the larger shallow area's far from deep water warm into the upper forties, right now, they are provide the angler a chance at a fish to be proud of!

  As for fishing this weekend, not much different to report from my last post, the weather may be a bit challenging, with the chance of rain friday and saturday, but next week promises temps into the upper sixties for several days leading into the weekend, for those in the NW Bass event upcoming, that has to be good news.  Even if there are changes for the weekend, you may be prefrontal, of frontal for your event on Banks, and that my friends is not a bad thing at all.  More to come on this topic, just some truths and tails from Lou at Playland.  Tight lines folks!


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Comment by Josh Potter on April 9, 2014 at 12:41pm

 I really like the way this guy writes.

Comment by Jordan Doucet on April 3, 2014 at 12:39pm

Right on, thanks for the posts Lou! I'm loving the truth and tails series!

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