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  The common phone call right now starts out with " How's the fishin?"  If there was ever a loaded question, that has to be it!  There are so many variables that effect fish movement and fish feeding at this time of year that it is a day by day, sometimes hour by hour senerio that would take a crystal ball to nail down.  That said, just a basic understanding of the species you pursue can narrow down the choices of when, where, and what in a hurry.  Add to that the history of a given fishery…


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  Well, Northwest Bass has come and gone.  Eighty seven boats competed, a good showing indeed!  The weather was a bit less than ideal, but most anglers had a good morning till the wind built up from the north turning the main lake into a challenge.  The wieghts were a bit lower than I predicted, but at 18.69 for first, 17.99 for second, and 17.90 for third, they came very close to 20.0 lbs!  I'm not sure if that north wind was a factor in fish activity, or if it just made presentations…


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  Well folks, as predicted, things here on Banks Lake have picked up significantly!  Yesterday, a group of guys including Dave Graybill tried their hand at the Triple Fish Challenge.  In one day, they caught a bunch of smallies crankin, several nice walleye pulling bouncers, and a hand full of Rainbow trolling rippin minnow plugs and shad raps tight to shore.  There will be a TV show made from this trip, so watch for it soon!  NW Bass will be here saturday, and with the stable weather, my…


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Thank you Wafish.com and audios!!

Hello there,

    I think most of my friends are aware my wife, 2 month old daughter Adelise and myself will be relocating to Evansville Indiana to be much closer to our family. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jordan for this excellent websight and everyone I've befriended along the way this past few years!! It's been an un-matched resource for me personally. I've made a ton of great friends and fishing partners through here. I've been a bass angler for a long time but I always…


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  So as we venture out in the early parts of the spring, a common question is, what should I be using for bait?  If you read last weeks blog, you'll remember that there are some areas that may begin producing a higher level of forage opportunities than others.  Those areas however, do not reflect the overall activity level of the lake as far as forage is concerned.  Let's look at a few facts that may help in your choices of baits at this time.  First, keep in mind that most crawfish don't…


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  SPRING, however YOU define it is here!   What starts out with a quiet rumble will reach a raucous roar by the end of this month.  So lets talk about some of the more subtle changes that are underway and see if we can determine what effect those changes have on the fish we pursue.  Tempurature, this may not be subtle, but no doubt it effects a wide spectrum of events it the water.  Tied to the solar period, temp slowly builds and can vary widely based on frontal passages, rain, even cloud…


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Annual Mercer island boat launch pass

Found out today that an annual yearly pass for the Mercer Island boat launch is only $40. You can have two license plates for the one pass. Not a bad deal. Just google annual mercer island boat launch pass and follow the prompts. You can give em a debit card # on the phone! a little info and they'll mail it out to you along with an emailed receipt. Beats $11 all year long.....

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  Every once in a while, I get to see something very special.  OK, my idea of special may be a bit twisted, but thats how it goes.  Most would agree that a new State record is special, right?  Well, how about one that should'a been?  This yellow perch was 13 3/4 long, obeasely fat, and thats all we will ever know.  Had the angler taken a girth measurement, some photo's from the top down, and bottom up, it may have made no difference that the fish was released.  To the anglers credit, he…


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    Its coming soon, that some times perplexing shift from winter patterns to the early spring stampede.  Many say that water temp. is the key to major movements, others say it's the weather.  My experience leads me to suspect there are other, stronger factors.  Why, let me explain.  I have watched wintering smallmouth areas on Banks lake for more than 15 years, so I will use this as my reference, other waters may act differently, but I'll stick to what I know.  There seems to be a 6 to 7…


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  This last weekend (21st-23rd), we had more action on Banks!  The walleye were on the move, with more small fish showing up at the boat.  Depths ranged from 28 to 55, but the majic seemed to be at 45ft give or take a few feet.  Some anglers had very good days, check out the Macks lures site for some cool in the water photos.  Some perch were also in the mood to bite, sometimes mixed in with the walleye, I'm thinking that may be a dangerous place for a perch to be.  Water temps slipped a bit…


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  Today Banks lake made 40 degrees for the first time this year!  In the last few days, many rainbow have joined the fry pan club.  Barker flats surrendered 7 nice walleye to spinners/walkers and a few more to blade baits.  Two nice smallies, 2-3lb also had to try the blade, with a few missed hits, the number may have been higher.  No bass were harmed in the testing of that tactic!  Trout are still in the top 10 ft, the bass around 28ft, and the walleye from 30 to 55ft.  The lake is near…


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Looking for bass boat dealers in washington / oregon

Besides Limit Out Marine, Nixons, and the others found on this site, Does anyone know of good dealers that have used bass boats for sale?  Google hasn't really gotten me any where, and craigslist is hit or miss.  It would be awesome if there was a list of all new/used boat dealers in Washington and Oregon posted somewhere. 





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As I posted yesterday, Trout fishing in the area is very good!  Shore anglers at Lake roosevelt are hitting fish on orange and garlic power bait.  On Banks, a white anise mellow with a crawler seems to do better.  For those trying for Triploids on Rufas, things have been a bit slow.  Standard power bait and jigs are catching a few, try some larger spinners from shore worked stop and go during the "slack" water times.  When current is up, look for seams and eddies where fish stack up to…


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The Triple Fish Challenge

If you havent heard of this event yet, no surprise!  This is our second year, and we hope it will be a great one!  The Triple Fish Challenge will test your skills in the pursuit of Rainbow, Smallmouth and Walleye.  Each angler may wiegh in one of each species, and the awsome prizes are given for the largest fish in each spieces, and the largest string of all three!  There are two classes of competion, youth (14 and under), and adult. The lucky angler with the biggest 6 fish combined wieght…


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Sportsmen's Show - EWU Bass Team Fundraiser

Hi Guys!

For the first time the EWU Sportsman's Club is having a fundraiser booth at the Puyallup Sportsmen's Show. We are also hosting the Toyota Truck Casting Challenge, open to the public. 

You can find our booth in row 500 of the Sleep Country Showplex Building.  

EWU Sportsman's Club Raffle   $5 per Ticket  $20 for 5 Tickets

1st place- Remington 710 30-06 w/ scope (worth $400)

2nd place- Guided fishing trip on Potholes Reservoir…


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Abu Garcia Rods?

Just got the Abu Garcia veritas casting rod and thinking about getting another one. What casting rod do you guys use? and why?

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interested fisherman

Hi, first time at this but will see how it goes. Im Larry Mawdsley and my fishing partner for northwest has booked himself some awesome hunts in New Zealand and Africa,--- jerk, no just kidding he's gonna have a blast and will be missed this year. In my area there arent many fisherman who can get the time to do a tournament circuit so thought i would see if anyone out there would be interested in partnering up for the 2014 nw circuit I have a 2013 triton and am hooked on this bass fishing…


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just signed on

hello.  my name is steve.  I've been fishing since about 1986.  when I started out I couldn't catch anything.  I don't know how I stayed with it.  Over the years I have learned how to catch a fish and do pretty well.  I married 36 years ago and my wife is my best friend and my fishing partner.  we have lived in Spokane most of that time.  we use to fish tournaments in the early years but left and just did the fish thing on weekends, just the two of us.  I own a ranger bass boat and have…


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New to the site

Hey everyone, Jake "the snake" Anderson commented on my profile requesting I share some fish pics I figured I should probably do that and introduce myself so here goes-

  I'm Colby & live in Oregon and am new to the site! I probably wont post a ton as I'm aware this is a Washington based forum but I hope to learn from some of you and participate where applicable. I was drawn to this site by a few members, over the years I've watched Tag constantly catch giant fish from the…


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Lake Tapps south boat launch PARKING LOT has moved

The boat launch PARKING LOT has been moved to around the end of the lake.  The old parking around the corner is now parking for the Ballfield.  I personally have not seen it, but if your standing at the launch, and look past the end of the lake, you'll see a metal roof...that's where it is.  That's like over 100 yard walk I believe.  BRILLIANT MOVE!!!!!!

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