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I'm really getting tired of this, but here's some more information regarding Whatcom:

A gate will be constructed at the ramp.  If you want to go out early to fish, you will have to call Public Works ahead of time.

The "annual" fee isn't "annual" at all; the permit expires December 31.  Since our season ends on October 31, you're looking at six months at best for fifty bucks.

It just keeps getting better and better.

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  Hey Nick. Joe is going to a meeting tonight to get more answers. As of now, it sounds like a boater must pay for their annual pass in advance or they will be forced to get the one day inspection pass if they show up on the day of. They still haven't finalized the event rate yet and whether it will be an option. This would exempt everyone in the tourney from having to pay. They last told Joe nothing would be certain until the 23rd from what I understand. I think he will emphasize that we need to know sooner.

   As far as launching from an alternate site, I'm all for it but it won't get anyone out of inspections. They are going to give you a sticker after inspection and if you're on the water without the sticker, you can get a fine. We are going to try to get them to open the gate at 5 AM. If not, I will let everyone know what time.

   I have been holding off on posting the info for the open until we have the facts straight. Joe has been working really hard to get them to give us answers, they just aren't yet. Hopefully I have more to report before the weekend is over. The 23rd is too late.

I think if we wanted to use an alternate site it wouldn't work because there would be no way people that don't live in Bellingham would be willing to drive up to Bham just to get their boat inspected prior to the tournament.

That is unless we can be sticker exempt since we are having a tournament?

Nick, it seems the county has to sign off on the fee, since the city wants the Sudden Valley ramp gated as well.  Right now that decision is up in the air, and the public hearing for the county council isn't until April 23rd.  I have emails in to PW, asking about this, and called them several weeks ago.  Tegan Ward said they "were looking into that," but nothing has come of it.  I visit the ramps daily, and so far there has been no activity there, although there were several PW trucks there on Tuesday.  Apparently the county had a committee meeting April 9th, but again, I've heard nothing.  From what I understand, a public hearing precludes a vote--if a public hearing is held on April 23rd, a vote won't be taken until the next meeting, the earliest of which would be April 30th.  I'm hoping for a major backlash.  Here are some email addresses: county: council@co.whatcom.wa.us   City: ccmail@cob.org

Here's the Lake Whatcom Management website: http://www.lakewhatcom.whatcomcounty.org/home
I have sent emails through the "contact us" hyperlink but haven't had a reply.
NickBerto said:

So with the Lake Whatcom Open coming up on April 27th, what do people need to do in order to get their boats on the lake for the event and be complient? 

Is Borderline Bass Club doing anything to ensure we will be able to fish it (gate open, people there to inspect or whatever needs to get done)?

Can we do anything to help??? Can we contact Sudden Valley and pay a sum to hold the even there or what does it take to use an alternate launch site?

Here's her address: mayor@cob.org

Dana Steiner said:


I've been outspoken trying to tell everyone what would happen. Now, all you dumb $hit$ that bought into this crap, are going to take it right up the gazoo. Are all of you that stupid? When are you going to grow a sack and stand up to these jerk offs? This is only the start, next will be a total shutdown of the lake to all motorized watercraft. I predicted this in a previous post, anyone want to dispute me on this. Bring it, you liberal Barack Obama supporters. I don't think any of you could tear a wet paper sack. Come on, bring me some hate mail. I'm not such a pu$$y that I can't take some criticism. You all are making me want to PUKE. I have not heard much from the local "experts" lately, what's up?

Kelli Linville, I demand your resignation as mayor of Bellingham. You are a pathetic excuse as a leader. You are attacking the moral fiber of Bellingham, in doing so you are attacking me as a citizen. I hope you are prepared for the fight of you political career, I will not rest till you are out of office

When we do get this all figured out, everyone that shows up for the open should thank Mr. Boyd for all the work he has done regarding this! I couldn't imagine sitting through city council meetings with the geniuses that are coming up with this stuff and then arguing with them about it could be anything but painful!

Dear Joe Boyd,

Thank you for your message and your feedback regarding the website.

We have received some feedback from several members of the public requesting extended hours of operation at the Bloedel Donovan boat launch. We are working to address these concerns and are aiming to have the inspection station staffed as early as 5:00am until dusk. We may also be able to work with tournament directors to have staff available even earlier to conduct boat inspections before the tournaments begin but this will be a bit of a stretch for us given our limited number of staff.

I will take your other comments into consideration regarding the accommodation of night fishermen and the effective dates for the permits. Starting April 27, you should plan on launching from Bloedel Donovan between 5:00am and dusk when inspectors will be present.

I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with feedback regarding the program.

Thank you,



This is my reply to Teagan Ward at PW, who has known our concerns since March 12:  With all due respect, we need some answers now. Our open tournament is in sixteen days, and the city's actions have caused us to delay our promotion. We have 25 boats coming on April 27th from all over the state and BC. This is a major event for us, which helps us fund our other projects. "We may also be able to work with tournament directors" needs to be a little more specific: how much are you going to charge for tournaments? Will you have staff there to facilitate this? Remember, we are only one organization coming on April 27th. And, how are you going to inform the people who have already bought tournament permits from the WDFW about this new procedure? As you can tell, I'm not happy with this program, which I see as nothing but a charade to get funds from boaters who have to use the ramps. I was on the lake today, along with a half dozen other people who launched there. If this is such a threat, why isn't someone out there every day checking boats, and why do non-trailered boats get a pass? You really should call this what it is: a launch fee. In the past, we have collected as much as $3,000 for this event, which we have put back into the community with various projects. Your delaying is costing us potential participants.

Joe Boyd
3534 Riley St
Bellingham WA 98229
cell 224-0960


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