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Fast Forward to 1:25 - talk about a soft bite...

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Oh yea especially funny since i was on the lake today

I think he found the right spot.  Aqua-Vu man was wearing them out that day.  Nice video Jordan.

Parnicky it's your favorite video!

Especially true for todays bite PJ

Sure looked like soft aggressive feeding! This is a great vidio to explain why floro or braid are so important to use.

I love that video!  I have to mute the volume to watch it though.  That music is PAINFUL!!

Any info on where this is, time of year, ect? It doesn't look like they are fishing all that deep.

With that many donkey smallies in one spot, I'm thinking maybe great lakes area?

Makes me want to tie up a mariboo jig and hit the lake! It's been way too long.....Time to start knocking the rust off the casting arm. 

Really nice video Jordan! 


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